Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Why do I play Go?

The third round has passed very peacefully. I won very fairly again. As the balance of fair and unfair games has to be maintained, my next game will end with an unfair result again.
We (the young and promising Go players of Europe and the promising Go player of Europe) have just studied trick plays for 3 hours. Some of us are searching for their lost brain.

One of my fans has asked me to write about why I play Go. My answers to this question would be quite random, so I will refer to a conversation instead that I had with a Taiwanese guy today. We talked about a lot of stuff, amongst others he told me why Taiwanese kids don't play go:

1) It is in black and white. (Computer games have more colours.)
2) You have to stay seated for a long time.
3) You have to use the brain.

Somehow I can't help worrying that the masses of Non-Go-players in Europe is endangering the existence of this game in Europe. How can we help the game to get more players?
Let's unite our power and annihilate the Non-Go-players!

*a*ar owes me a hug.

Update: We went out tonight to hang around with the cool Go players in bars. It is Prodi's first time to go out drinking. Jussi massaged me when I was drunk=D

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