Dienstag, 27. August 2013

Long Time


I haven't posted anything for a long time. What have I been doing?

-Now I have three kinda inactive blogs. :S

-I contributed the background music for the PORG recruting video 2012. (There will be a second video one day displaying the graphic progress that the project has gone through since then.)

-Schayan beat me in Austrian champignonship finals, so I'm Austrian vice champignon 2012! (I was champignon 2008-2010.)

-However, my team in German internet league (Deutsche Bundesliga), Berliner Zebrapinguine, legendarily won the tournament!

-I just received an A (einen 1er) for my Proseminararbeit (in German) about "Go in movies". :D

Bild auf dem Deckblatt

-Currently working on a list of Go vocabulary so people can read 围棋天地 Weíqí Tiāndì, a Chinese Go magazine.

-I became junior admin on KGS. So kids, behave!

-Unexpectedly, I played better than usual at EGC 2013, so I'm European 6d now!
Thus I shall raise my price for the rumoured Sandmann reviews: From now on, the price for one offline review will correlate with my EGD rating. E.g. at the time I'm writing this my rating is 2576.717, so one commentary of your game will cost 2.58€ (previously only 2.50€).

-Blogspot became much easier to use than last time:)

Cheers, Viktor

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